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Cotton Bud by FangirlYasha Cotton Bud :iconfangirlyasha:FangirlYasha 3 0 Modern Cotton by FangirlYasha Modern Cotton :iconfangirlyasha:FangirlYasha 2 0 The Spirit of the Fire by FangirlYasha The Spirit of the Fire :iconfangirlyasha:FangirlYasha 3 0 A Flower Upon My Skull. by FangirlYasha A Flower Upon My Skull. :iconfangirlyasha:FangirlYasha 1 3
The Artist
I am an Artist,
I have one tool and one alone, I carve my future, your fate, with this single fatal tool. My strokes are slow and passionate, though I am numb throughout.
My work will be looked upon by many, but admired by the few and sick.
I am an Artist,
I wear a mask, several years in the making, a mask of the court jester with bells and jewels but a cracked interior. To hide behind this face is a routine needed to keep the hunger I am afraid to lose. A hunger, and emptiness needed for my Art.
I am an Artist,
I only create one piece, of which is not truly created but destroyed. My work will never be placed in a museum, will never be famous, but will serve the purpose it was intended. No one will ever stand in front of it and admire the beauty but embrace those close to them and wish I had never made what I did.
I am an Artist,
My works will make people angry at themselves for something we both know wasn't their burden to bare. My Artwork will crush lives;
but strengthen friendships,
:iconfangirlyasha:FangirlYasha 3 0
SoRiku: Gotta love em
'Ever wish you could be some one else?' The question had come out of seemingly now where, taking the listener by surprise. He cocked his head.
'What is that supposed to mean, Riku?' Sora, the now greatly perplexed boy asked, looking up at the older boy of whom he rested on.
Riku simply shrugged, 'I don't know. You've never wanted to be any one but yourself? You've never had those days where you hoped you never had to look your own face in the mirror? Like baring your own face is the greatest shame you can ever be given?'
Sora's face almost imploded; what was he going on about? Riku soon noticed this look and cracked a gentle smile, a sight seldom seen on his face. He brought Sora closer to his bosom, snuggling back into the abnormally comfortable position from before he spurted his question.
Sora was now greatly confused and worried by this question. His mind was a fragile and easily scared thing. Especially when it came to Riku. He pulled away from Riku's loving touch,
'No, what do yo
:iconfangirlyasha:FangirlYasha 12 5
New Hair... by FangirlYasha New Hair... :iconfangirlyasha:FangirlYasha 1 8
Beast's Legacy
Eyes set wide, was this really happening? Can I really be here? Is this shit real?
Flesh ripped and torn, breathing laboured; breath stopped.
Thoughts stopped,No more, buzzers filler the static air.
Gone. All is over.
Shouts gone, air stilled. Gone.
Fault is Mine, ownership is mine.
Fizzed with infuriation, ownership belongs to one, one close to home.
One and one alone.
Heat swells and consumes; the fire burns and the beast Roars, ownership is one and one's alone.
All Dissolved to nothingness.
The beast over comes, conscience rips free, feeble plastic shatters, metals bend like bone, through it's claws.
Gone. For good. The fault, the blame; one and one's alone.
Dead and gone, cold and broken. Wet with hatred, drowning in what would never come.
Gone. The fault. To blame of a persons is wrong yet, so right in its entirety.
Mine. Mine alone. Cold and gone. Hot and heavy. Beast caged and freedom raped cold.
Gone. The fury and unjust silence quelled, oblivion in its place.
Hollow shel
:iconfangirlyasha:FangirlYasha 1 4
IwC: Presence by FangirlYasha IwC: Presence :iconfangirlyasha:FangirlYasha 2 5
Request4: Self Doubt
This Sundays church service seemed to take longer then ever before, not that these things ever seemed short. I rolled my shoulders and cracked my knuckles giving my elderly father, the pastor taking three hours to teach a three minute lesson, a look that was large enough that even through those fish bowl glasses of his; he can see he's putting the whole congregation to sleep.
Finally, ten minutes later, he pulled the sermon to a close and we stood to sing the closing hymen. Sora, my life long friend, and I rose and shared a book, mouthing the words to the song it seemed like every one but the two of us knew. After we were done, I lead Sora to the front of the small, traditional white, single room church to help my father down the few small steps that the stone slab and stone podium were set on, designed to raise the pastor above the rest of the church. Of course, what would a church be without a huge stain-glass window implanted proudly in the wall above the slab-alter.
With great trou
:iconfangirlyasha:FangirlYasha 1 7
ZFF Prize 1b
The day passed slowly, but finally the ending bell for fifth period rang, dismissing Roxas' class to lunch. The boy slammed his books shut and rushed through the door, making it through before every one else despite the fact he was seated on the opposite side of the room from the door; He needed to find his sister and fast, before that psychopath did something to her.
The bells constant and rapid rapping echoed through the brick English hall, waking more then half the class from their secret slumber, but broke Zexions all but too deep interest in the teachers lecture. Closing his books, he took out a map and schedule, even though it was more then half way through the year, his classes had been changed up and he could never seem to remember which class came after the next, not that it really phased him. Searching the overly complicated grid schedule, Zexion was pleased to notice he had lunch next; it was about time he got some fresh air. Luckily for the teen, the lunch hall wasn't too f
:iconfangirlyasha:FangirlYasha 3 0
Art Trade: I'm on a Boat
The door bell rag and I let out a giddy squeal on reflex. Practically skipping to the door, I couldn't keep in the painfully broad grin off of my face; today was going to be the second best day of my life. The only thing surpassing it would be the day I met my current boyfriend, Axel. That's right; our first date! Yeah yeah, I know what you're going to say, 'Demyx, don't you think you're being just a little over dramatic?' Well you know what? I don't care because I think there's really something special about this one, I mean if you could just see him you'd understand! He's gorgeous! Absolutely jaw dropping, eye-popping, boxer tightening hot! His hair says it all. He has that kind of hair that, if it were on any one else, he'd just look like a really bad cosplayer but on him hot damn! I can't even keep my thoughts straight just thinking about him! I let out another excited squeal at the thought of Axel participating in today's activities.
I ripped the dead bolt from the door, pulling t
:iconfangirlyasha:FangirlYasha 8 10
ID 2.1 by FangirlYasha ID 2.1 :iconfangirlyasha:FangirlYasha 2 0
ZFF prize prt: 1a
'Oh, well lookie who it is here!' He could try all he wanted but there was no mistaking that voice; it was Axel. Zexion turned reluctantly towards the red head, more then frustrated.
'What do you want?' he spat, glaring at the one person he thought he hated the most. Axel let out a sinister chuckle and rested his elbow on a short boy next to him, one Zexion was sure he had never seen before.
'Oh why be so harsh? I don't bit, you know that.' Axel had one of those voices; a voice that made him seem like he was up to no good, whether he was or not. Not that it was uncommon for him to be knee deep in it, on a bad day he would be that far in before lunch.
The self-indulged red head continued to babble on about something that truly didn't interest Zexion, draping himself across the, now rather unimpressed looking, boy who didn't move. Zexion had to hand it to him, not only did the blonde stay put while Axel draped himself limply across his shoulders, he also kept the same solid, stone like e
:iconfangirlyasha:FangirlYasha 4 9
Request 3 .:Treat me well:. by FangirlYasha Request 3 .:Treat me well:. :iconfangirlyasha:FangirlYasha 2 7
Mature content
Band Night Part2 :iconfangirlyasha:FangirlYasha 2 3
all my wonderful works, I'm more of a writer then anything else, though I do try my hand at drawing. Like I said, I'm a writer who would love to go somewhere with my writings. I love comments of any types; feel free to say what you think!

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It's been far too long and  haven't done a damn thing for a long long time, but I plan on changing that.

Important updates about me:
  :bulletgreen:I will be adding a lot more artwork atm than writings, but Ill get to them as well, I still have a huge one I'm orchestrating in the works, cant say how long that's going to be though.
  :bulletgreen:I have thought about creating another page for all my serious stuff and leave this account for random shit like fanfics and things like that, still dont know about that.
  :bulletgreen: this summer, I might be getting a job, so if I do keep up with this website, don't expect too much, I doubt Ill have much time for much.

Hopefully I'll be here for a long time again before I get overwhelmed again.
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Cherry pop
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my group <3

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I write, hopefully one day I'll do it for a living, but right now it's just overly ambitious school works and Fanfiction, until I can find my own with original characters. I draw, not as well as many I know and even more I don't, but I do what I can to put the image in my head on to paper with out words, something I find truly challenging. I live by a set of rules. Rule 1: Have a reason for all you do.

Favourite Quotes:
:bulletblue:'I see it coming, I know you're going to do it, so why does it still hurt? Why do I still care? I hate that. I hate the pain you bring. I hate you for making me shed tears that are too good for you. I hate you for that. I hate you for it all. I hate you for making me cry.'~Anonymous

:bulletblack:'((me: I thought you didn't believe in gays?))"I don't I just like watching them."'~C.W.

:bulletblue:'holy Ass crack of Shiva I'm embarrassed to know you...'~Axel obcessed

:bulletblack:'(the tongue is a very sensitive organ, thats why it hurts so much when bitten.) "who would bite a tongue? I wouldn't. That's gross.(I don't know, if you ask me, it feels quite nice.) WHAT!?'

:bulletblue:'I love how you're obsessed with Molesty-mouse'
"That mouse is amazing!....Wait,NO-!"

RL friends
:iconchocolate-shinigami: :iconrurineko: :iconbeincraban: :icondog-of-awesome: :iconallethius: :iconalexandra122194: :iconglubglubfish:

Current Residence: under your porch >83
Favourite style of art: drawlings/ digital, writings of all sorts
Operating System: ITASHIWA! MY BABY! :D
MP3 player of choice: Harpy (my Ipod, yes, she has a name :3)
Shell of choice: chocolate
Skin of choice: undertaker~
Favourite cartoon character: ZEXION, the undertaker, marik and shoubi X3
Personal Quote: why settle with one whore when you can always have one more- Captian save a hoe


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